Investment Opportunities

If you're looking to get in on the ground floor of something that's going to make you a pile of money, you've come to the right place. While this product is not yet available - it's currently being moved from a working prototype to a marketable product - it represents the next generation of rain protection that's destined to take the world by storm (pun intended).

Nothing like it exists on the planet so, like anything else, it will take time to gain favor in a world that may be skeptical about accepting something like this as part of their wardrobe. But if it's utilitarian purpose that someone's looking for, then there simply is no comparison.

I come from the outside work world in Langley, BC - a rain forest - and I can tell you that if this was available to me two years ago I'd still be doing my job as a construction inspector. Now, having been the only person on the planet to have experienced what it's like to wear this in the rain - and watch others struggle to deal with either holding an umbrella while trying to use their hands for other things or simply standing in the deluge in a rain suit with wet hands and water pouring down the back of your neck - I can vouch for the fact that one feels a sort of perverse satisfaction over being able to stand beside them completely dry and completely free to do what it is I would be doing as if it weren't raining. When the weather gets particularly nasty, their hearts and minds will follow when they see how they can actually enjoy being out in the rain.

Yes, there are other options available. You can find a number of so-called hands free rain protection devices on the market, but none come even close to competing with my device on a number of fronts. Mine is the only one that offers complete freedom of movement and full unimpeded access to the world around the user, among a whole host of other features (see Design Features and Uses for the PEPCan pages on this site). In truth, the PEPCan is only hands free personal environmental protection device that can be classified as a useful piece of equipment.

As an investor, you're no doubt skeptical about whether or not such an odd-looking device will ever gain acceptance in a world that's heavily vested in fashion and image. That's a natural reaction, but it's one that will soon change. This thing has a space age appearance that will eventually become part of the landscape in much the same way as what happened when people were saying the horseless buggy would never replace the horse and buggy. I'm reminded of early 19th century England when Jonas Hanway walked around for thirty years - yes, thirty years - facing laughter and ridicule as he walked the streets of London holding an umbrella to shield him from the rain. We all know how that ended.

It won't take thirty years for the PEPCan to gain acceptance. I'm here to make sure of that. I never met Jonas, but I know with absolute certainty that he and I have one thing in common - we both recognize(d) the value in something the world will eventually come to recognize as well.

If you’re interested, you can send me an email at and we can discuss options.

Thank you for your interest.