Uses for the PEPCan

When the PEPCan was first dreamed up, there was no anticipation that it would be used for anything other than as a workplace-enhancing utility. Throughout the design process, a sense that it could be used for purposes outside of the workplace began to develop. It wasn’t until I began test-wearing it in public that I quickly discovered there exists a whole host of people who do things other than work in the rain who have affirmed that they too would be interested in acquiring one when it becomes available. The following is a list of potential users. I have broken it into two parts – the first part lists target demographics that I have confirmed as being interested in the PEPCan by having actually met people who are part of the demographic, and the second part is a list of situations where I think it could and will be used by a number of members of the demographic.

Confirmed Users

  • Construction workers – flag people, inspectors, superintendants and foremen, landscapers
  • Professional field workers – wildlife biologists
  • Yard workers – lumber yards
  • Sports enthusiasts – soccer moms, coaches, spectators
  • Hikers, dog walkers, long distance walkers and runners, moms with dogs and baby carriages
  • Hunters, fishermen, campers, canoeing enthusiasts
  • Outdoor photographers

Anticipated Users

  • Search and rescue workers
  • Accident scene investigators
  • Transportation alternative for people who prefer to get out of their cars or don’t have cars (As I write this, MSNBC is interviewing a city planner and author of “Walkable City”, Jeff Speck, who is explaining how cities of the future will be designed to accommodate walkers as opposed to drivers)
  • Protestors
  • People on strike lines
  • Police officers – roadside stops
  • Partiers – enjoying backyard parties even when it’s raining
  • Kids – walking to school, hanging out in the rain (programs will be set up to distribute PEPCans for free and/or deep discounts for kids and single moms who live in poverty)
  • Homeless people (programs will be set up to distribute PEPCans for free to these unfortunate people)
  • Disabled people who need electric carts to get around (programs will be set up to offer PEPCans for free or deep discount to those who can’t afford to buy one)
  • Film personnel – people in the film industry spend a lot of time standing and sitting and waiting for something to happen. If it’s raining, that can’t be a lot of fun. Staying dry would make such activities a lot more bearable.
  • That drunk uncle who loves to stand on the end of the camp dock with a glass of scotch and a cigar will be able to indulge his habit in comfort.
  • Outdoor concert and festival goers can walk around or sit and listen to the music in total comfort even when it’s raining
  • The Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) in Vancouver has suffered extensive lost days due to rain. PEPCans for everyone has the potential to change that forever. The same goes for the Cloverdale Rodeo.
  • Electrical and plumbing trade workers who need to keep their work area dry while they do their work

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